Ontology partners with contract verification platform CertiK

18 Jul, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
Ontology partners with contract verification platform CertiK

Ontology has announced their partnership with contract verification platform CertiK on their Medium page.

Ontology joins forces with the American based verification company to focus on enhancing Ontology's security and reliability of smart contracts.

CertiK Co-founder, Gu Ronghui talks about formal verification by “Using logical language to describe standards and using strict mathematical deduction to examine whether the given system meets requirements”. The technology will create modularized mathematical models out of smart contracts which will be verified through logical deduction to prove the security of smart contracts.

CertiK boast team members from Yale University, Columbia University, Google, Facebook, among several other institutions. The partnership will be mutually beneficial for both parties with Ronghui saying "Trust and security are the most important consensus of the blockchain industry and the common cause for Ontology and CertiK. It is our honor to work with a forward-looking project like Ontology to build a secure and reliable blockchain ecosystem and ensure the security of the blockchain world"

Ontology are just as pleased about the partnership which will see CertiK assist in creating a more secure blockchain environment. Ontology Founder Li Jun was quoted as saying "CertiK’s vision is to realize a transparent, fair, and secure blockchain ecosystem around the world, the same vision as Ontology’s. We look forward to work with CertiK and bring more real cases of smart contract formal verification, solve blockchain security pain points, and create an ecosystem with high security".

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