Ripple's new marketing strategies

16 Jul, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Ripple's new marketing strategies

Ripple has made some recent changes to their platform, preparing to add features to improve their technology and have brought on board Kahina Van Dyke, a previous executive leader in traditional financial institutions, now heading up Business and Corporate Development. While analysis of XRP's price fluctuations and controversies are not particularly favorable, its clear that Ripple is making a change in their marketing approach which could see an upward swing for the token.

Ripple's visible announcements all dovetail into a new strategic attempt to get people to use their XRP token and the Ripple platform. Ripple has seen some challenges getting XRP to be widely listed among exchanges and to be traded at high volumes, according to FinMercury. Concerns have been raised over the past few months that Ripple is actually a security, and that Ripple has been funding their own ventures with XRP.

Ripple's potential success relies on improving their public image, as well as getting individuals and institutions to actually use their technologies and cryptocurrencies instead of just speculating on their assets. Van Dyke has stated that she was brought to the team in order to promote and acquire Ripple's partnerships with financial institutions she traditionally has worked with, and has so far been successful in getting Ripple technology like xVia and xCurrent into the hands of companies who can test them.

According to Global Coin Report,, The Cryptocurrency Exchange, and Unodax have added XRP to their exchanges, and just yesterday the National Digital Asset Exchange has added the coin as well, according to Blokt. While these are big wins for Ripple, their ultimate goal is to be listed on Coinbase, which continues to ignore XRP.

Cryptoglobalist has noted that people watching the price of XRP miss an upoming broader trend, and that Ripple's social engagement factor is a crucial metric which could spell well for Ripple and XRP's future. Coin Social Story, a webbsite which measures data on growing cryptocurrencies has stated that XRP has a high social index score (SIS), meaning the that XRP has a high awareness and interest among the public. XRP does have its skeptics, but even those who worry about the high amount of XRP Ripple itself owns (60%) and the possible status of XRP as a security do in fact add to the public discussion about XRP.

Ripple has also been taking measures towards improving its image as well as its public visibility. It has been donated over $30 million to educational funds, and was featured being used by Justin Beiber to donate to acharity on the Ellen Degeneres show. 

Ripple's visibility and new approaches could prove to make it both a well known and a well respected cryptocurrency. While recent market analysis has been seeing XRP as bearish in the immediate future, Ripple's new marketing strategy and platform improvements might make it an important and valuable cryptocurrency in the future.

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