Ethereum dapp developer accuses EOS of attacking Ethereum network

15 Jul, 2018
by Richard Allen
Ethereum dapp developer accuses EOS of attacking Ethereum network

An Ethereum dapp developer has accused EOS of coordinating an attack on Ethereum’s network through a series of airdrops of random tokens that don’t appear to be backed by any project.

CryptoNewMedia reported Justo, part of the team that launched two gambling dapps, Po3D and Fomo3D, has said in a short interview:

“Myself, and many other high profile Ethereum application developers made a prediction that EOS would in all likelihood, attempt to attack the eth network gas prices to validate the launch of their platform.”

According to Justo, the prediction came true and happened everyday until the launch of the EOS platform on June 6 before suddenly stopping, resulting in gas prices going back to normal.

Around June 25th, Ethereum’s networks again became congested in which a transaction consumes far more gas than it should.

By comparison, during the height of the Cryptokitties congestion in December, Ethereum was processing roughly 1.4 million transactions daily with fees under $1. Now, however, it’s processing about 500,000 transactions and fees have increased sharply.

“EOS has been attacking the eth network on/off every time something they do doesn’t run properly,” Justo says, adding “It started 1 month running up to the mainnet release. It was predictable and very clearly orchestrated… follow the wallets. If you don’t think EOS is doing it, then who has 2 million dollars a day to attack Ethereum, and also owns EOS tokens?”

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