IMDEX invites investors to ICO saying "This will make you richer"

15 Jul, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
IMDEX invites investors to ICO saying This will make you richer

The new exchange that boasts the best possible security and convenience for traders, IMDEX is throwing an ICO, and it has already raised $150,000 only within 5 days.

IMDEX, the new exchange that claims to be the first decentralized exchange to return revenue is in the middle of their ICO. The token sale started on July 10th, and just within 5 days, it has already raised $150,000, as mentioned in a Medium post.

The ICO, which will end on July 31st aims for 500,000,000 IMDX soft cap and 1,800,000,000 IMDX hard cap. According to the website, for 1 ETH, investors will get 250000 IMDX, which means 1 IMDX is valued at 0.000004 ETH. 

As of the reporting time, the development has progressed at 80% of completion. It expects for a test in August and to be fully listed Korean-wide and globally on Q4 2018, according to the roadmap. 

IMDEX promises users for an 80% revenue return and an additional 5% token per month, or a total of 12 tokens per year for their investors. Unlike the others, the platform doesn't plan to issue more tokens in the future other than the 10 B copies already issued. 

Furthermore, IMDEX will burn all the IMDX tokens used in the exchange listing to make the circulation volume decrease. 

The new exchange closes their official announcement with an invite to join the token sale, and quoting their final statement, "This will make you richer."

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