'Most favorable' countries for ICOs: US, Switzerland, Singapore

14 Jul, 2018
by David Borman
'Most favorable' countries for ICOs: US, Switzerland, Singapore

Cointelegraph is reporting that analysts associated with the Crypto Finance Conference released a report on which countries were most favorable for successful ICO launches. The United States, Switzerland and Singapore were at the top of that list.

The report cross referenced data on the top 100 ICOs by country. It looked at both how much money was raised as well as the number of successful projects launched. Based on these criteria, it was found that the United States was in the lead with 30 companies active in the field. This is followed by 15 for Switzerland and 11 for Singapore. Russia, China, Cayman Islands and the UK were not far behind.

Earlier this year Hackernoon released a similar report with similar findings, though it excluded the US from the results due to the nature of its laws on ICOs.

This also comes out as many nations struggle to deal with the notorious amount of scams present in the ICO world. Hopefully as more honest ICOs are launched and recognized, this will become less of a problem.

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