The mark of the beast?: XRP and Bitcoin can be stored on human implant

14 Jul, 2018
by Will Heasman
The mark of the beast?: XRP and Bitcoin can be stored on human implant

The company behind the creation: Bichip, state that their human implant is the first and only distance readable human microchip with internet connectivity. Originally designed to store medical data, drivers license and passport details, the newest upgrade now allows for the safe storage of cryptocurrency.

Currently, the only cryptocurrencies compatible with the microchip is XRP and Bitcoin. The Bichip's payment system utilizes Ripple technology allowing users to bypass traditional bank intermediaries.

This unique way of soring cryptocurrency (and data records) minimizes the chances of losing assets due to hacking or other such mishaps.

However, some people aren’t all too taken with the idea of implanting a microchip into their skin… Some are even going as far as relating the Bichip to the mythology heralding the rise of the antichrist. According to the myth the devil requires “all people great and small, rich and poor, free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand … so that none could buy or sell unless he had the mark”. Creepy…

Others held a more rational view:

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I take issue with the author's choice of words "Some are even going as far as relating the Bichip to the mythology heralding the rise of the antichrist."
I have researched this topic extensively for years and have authored a fairly substantive book directly related to this topic. Specifically, the choice of the words "....the mythology..." is a poor one. First of all, what is the source of myth- labeled concept? Is it Greek mythology? Ancient Egyptian mythology? Does the author even know? Or was he just lazy in his research effort to be more accurate? Or did he just want to state his personal opinion and indirectly reveal his personal disdain, by not even mentioning that the concept comes from the Holy Bible, Revelation 13 to be more specific. The reader of the article, as written, cannot ascertain the answers to the above questions. Secondly, the more one researches the potential for a mandated future cashless society, the more one understands the direction, to which we are now headed.
Not to be too hard on the author, however, I realized that many people just don't know how much they don't know. Nobody on this earth can have in depth knowledge on everything. That's why we have recognized "experts" in our human society. Nobody has precisely the same personal life experiences and educational background .
Also, I do thank the author for sharing the information, as many do think that this might be an important technological component in a future mandated cashless society.
The full technological infrastructure (meaning infrastructure backbone + means to access that backbone - smart phones, chips, etc.) for this potential future reality, however, is still years away from completion due to poor transactional speeds and capacities of current blockchains (current scaling constraints), together with the fact that nearly 1/3 of the world's population is currently unbanked. A future "mark of the beast" is described as a worldwide system. As such, the technological infrastructure must have an inclusive worldwide capacity. Again, we're years away from this even being technologically possible. So, until you see blockchain scale extensively worldwide, please don't lose any sleep over the introduction of this new implantable chip. But at the same time, be cognizant of the direction, towards which society is apparently headed.
14 Jul, 2018 - 21:40

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