Zcash community faces debate over proposal to change payment structure

13 Jul, 2018
by Arthur Sillers
Zcash community faces debate over proposal to change payment structure

The Zcash community has been facing some controversy and discussion following a proposal to change the payment structure to reward miners at the expense of stakeholders.

The ZEF, or Zcash Ecosystem Fund was proposed by Eric Meltzer, an investment partner at INBlockchain. Meltzer motivates the proposal by its ability to help fund commercial development of the Zcash platform.

The ZEF would have some similarities to a DAO entity, and would autonomously fund Zcash related startups.

The proposal might have some relation to criticism of Zcash's CEO taking home $300k a month in salary. Observers noted that this huge salary in personal income means these funds are not put into development or the health of the system as a whole.

By putting more money on community development, Meltzer claims that his ZEF changes would increase the health and breadth of Zcash's ecosystem, but it has been met strong opposition from the Zcash Foundation, which is the entity partly responsible for managing Zcash's privacy coin.

In a blog post, the Zcash Fund amounted the proposal to 'crossing an ethical line' by diverting funds away from Zcash investors, employees, and owners without their consent.

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