South African Businessman kidnapped for 50 BTC ransom

12 Jul, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
South African Businessman kidnapped for 50 BTC ransom

A prominent businessman in Cape Town, South Africa has been kidnapped and held for ransom by the kidnappers. The criminals are demanding 50 BTC for the release of the Liyaqat Parker.

News24 outlet reports that a manhunt for the kidnappers is underway, it is also believed they have demanded 50 BTC for the release of Parker via an email. It is believed that Parker was kidnapped by five armed men in the morning at his business in Parow, Cape Town.  

Police would not comment on the ransom demand stating that there were no new developments about "this highly-sensitive case". Detectives mentioned they are working on all leads and were "working around the clock" to find Parker. 

Parkers family have appealed for the release of the businessman who is a board member and founding member of several companies. 

Parkers family reached out to the media saying "Our father and brother is an elderly man, so we also appeal to those who may be involved or know persons who may be connected with this crime, to just please release him unharmed before his health deteriorates."

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