Kucoin announces new design for homepage

12 Jul, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
Kucoin announces new design for homepage

Kucoin continues to push innovative solutions for the exchange with the latest announcement confirming the upgraded home page of Kucoin

Kucoin's homepage has been upgraded to provide clients in the community with an easier way to access information that they want. 

The homepage features enhancements including quicker access to projects and a focus on user friendliness. 

Image from Gyazo

The homepage upgrade comes a few days after Kucoin launched their upgraded rewards system which will reward loyal customers with $KCS coins instead of random cryptocurrency dust. 

The page upgrade also comes after Kucoins new coin voting system announcement which will mimic Binance's voting system to add new coins by holding the exchanges tokens and using them to vote. 

Recap: Kucoin offers a variety of promotions including a new vote to list a new coin

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