Crypto celeb Ian Balina faces more allegations of scamming

11 Jul, 2018
by David Robb
Crypto celeb Ian Balina faces more allegations of scamming

Accused of being a scammer in the past, Ian Balina is now facing more allegations after he transferred tokens to a ETH wallet that he previously claimed had been hacked. He has responded to the claims on his Twitter.

The story arose when someone posted accusations on Twitter. Balina had used an address that was apparently hacked, in order to transfer some tokens from a pre-sale, before sending them off to an exchange for trading. The implication is that the address wasn't really hacked, and the crypto investor was just looking to get around some tax regulations.

Observers from around the crypto space were immediately out for blood, with shock at the audacity of the scam while also not being particularly surprised, considering Balina's reputation.


Others suggested that Balina's actions were just a result of some basic mistakes and lapses in security, considering how many shitcoin airdrops he is involved with.


Balina then took to Twitter to address the allegations. He insisted that most of what was being said about him was just FUD, and he offered a reasonable explanation of what happened. Many agreed that the accusations might just be people trying to bring down a successful figure in the crypto world.


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