More Bitcoin-related physical crimes happened

10 Jul, 2018
by Fifi Arisandi
More Bitcoin-related physical crimes happened

The creator of, a website that provides real-time Bitcoin node stats listed down physical crimes related to Bitcoin in his Github account. 

Jameson Lopp, the creator of, a website that provides real-time Bitcoin node stats posted a series of tweets on Bitcoin-related physical attacks that have happened so far. He claimed in one of the tweets that the rate of physical attacks is accelerating as 10 of 23 attacks that targeted crypto owners happened in the past 6 months. 

To back up his statement, he created an open source repository on Github that catalogs Bitcoin-related physical crimes all around the world. The repo contains a list that shows the dates when the crime happened, the name of the victims, the locations, and the descriptions that detailed the incidents.

Apparently, Lopp was one of the victims of the Bitcoin-related physical crimes. According to the list, he was a victim of a false hostage report, where an unknown man called 911, claimed to have shot someone 15 times, and demanded an amount of money or otherwise he blew up the whole block. The fake call referred to a house where Lopp lives, on which the authorities found out after approaching the house fully armed wearing bulletproof vests.

Lopp said it was most likely due to his job as a software engineer in a company that creates a personal key system for cryptocurrency owners.

In another tweet, he mentioned that only 1 target managed to defend themselves and stopped the attacker, among the 28 documented Bitcoin-related physical crimes. 

Lastly, Lopp also requested his followers to contribute with additions or corrections to the crime list on Github. 

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