Google meets with Cardano, shows interest in cryptocurrency

08 Jul, 2018
by Matthew Kim
Google meets with Cardano, shows interest in cryptocurrency

Google might be preparing its move into crypto – Cardano and IOHK executives and founders were invited by Google to discuss cryptocurrencies at Google’s London offices.

At the meeting, high level Google executives around the globe turned in to listen to the presentation on cryptocurrency. Among those representing cryptocurrency were Charles Hoskinson, chief executive of IOHK, and Duncan Coutts, IOHK Director of Engineering. The meeting began with a brief introduction from Hoskinson on Cardano and IOHK and moved into a question and answer from the listeners.

As expected of a conglomerate of Google’s standing, “Googlers” asked pertinent questions to the IOHK and Cardano team, especially regarding the future plan and outlook of the project. The conversation touched many topics such as the Ourborous (consensus protocol), roadmap, Cardano’s advantage over Ethereum, K Framework (IOHK’s test smart contract capability), privacy, and future role of cryptocurrencies in society.

Although the conversation touched on many different topics, the most important takeaway from the meeting could be the degree of interest that Google displayed in cryptocurrency. As everyone knows, Google is a giant company that reaches into almost every industry in the world. Google and Facebook have shown hesitancy regarding cryptocurrencies, but both have recently started to show signs of interest. It would certainly be huge news if Google were to officially get into the cryptocurrency scene.

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