Sunny weekend for the market, with two coins having gained over 30%

07 Jul, 2018
by Paula D. Baciu
Sunny weekend for the market, with two coins having gained over 30%

Although the total market cap continues to revolve around $260b., the market seems to improve, as is expected from a Saturday morning. All the top coins are stable, as none of them notes an increase or decrease higher than 3.5% - apart from Binance Coin (6.35%).

Major coins

Bitcoin ($6,649.36), Ethereum ($473.29), Bitcoin Cash ($726.11), and EOS ($8.63) are all revolving around the value they had yesterday. Ripple is affected by some noticeable oscillations after being hit by the bad news about a new lawsuit against them.

Ethereum Classic

ETC stabilized in between two of its major resistance barriers ($18.10 and $18.30), worth $18.17 as of 10.30AM UTC. It started at $17.45 yesterday this time and marked a sharp increase around 12.00PM and 4.00PM (UTC), and reached a high at $18.47 around 00.00AM. It is expected to continue the upward trend due to its upcoming listing on Coinbase.


The coin sees a positive end of a tough week. Its price plunged by more than 50% during the course of this week, after the coin was listed on an exchange. It is currently priced at $1.81, 31.42% up during the last 24 hours.

Top 100 Gainers & Losers

However, Loom is doing the best among top 100 coins, with 34.15% gains over the last day and a sharp increase yesterday around 5PM UTC. PundiX is also doing well, having gained 14.66%, after announcing the partnership with Wanchain earlier this week. The only coin that notes a substantial drop is Mithril (-12.90%), which followed a nice upward trend until Thursday evening, when investors probably started selling off gradually. It’s currently worth $0.47, just about the same value it had a week ago.

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