Ethos still up 27% after 130% peak, NEO nearing top 10 following announcement

05 Jul, 2018
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Ethos still up 27% after 130% peak, NEO nearing top 10 following announcement

While the market seems to be stabilized following a few jumps this week, some projects are making significant gains over the last 24 hours. 66th ranked Ethos is on a wild ride, now being up 27% after earlier today it gained over 130%.

That massive spike was followed by a steer drop, but Ethos is still valued 27,5% higher than 24 hours ago. During the rally Ethos peaked to $3,84, according to Coinmarketcap. Its current price is $2,10.

The price action of Ethos is the result of a couple of announcements the last few days. Its Universal Wallet was first released in the Netherlands and Germany and on Independence Day the wallet was made available in the United States as well, leading to the massive rally. At the time of writing Ethos has a market cap of over $160 million.

NEO nearing top 10
While most topcoins are growing by 1 or 2%, NEO is making bigger gains following the announcement on the start of their decentralization process. NEO ($41,80) is pushing for its comeback in the top 10 with a growth of over 10%. The difference with 10th ranked Tether is only $20 million. NEO's utility token GAS is up over 21%. Other good performers are 0x (17%) and Ziliqa (13%).

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The total cryptocurrency market is currently valued at $273 billion, $18 billion higher than one week ago. The price of Bitcoin is $6677. 

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