Survey reveals millennials increasingly use crypto for realestate

01 Jul, 2018
by Salahuddin Uqaili
Survey reveals millennials increasingly use crypto for realestate

A survey by real estate brokerage Redfin has revealed that an increasing number of young people in the US are using cryptocurrencies to make down payments on their homes.

In the survey results, it was shown that a significant number of millenials were utilising cryptocurrencies to purchase properties, with ten percent of respondents saying they had sold off crypto assets to make a down payment. It was more likely for millennials earning over 100,000 USD a year to have sold cryptocurrencies to purchase a property, with sixteen percent saying they had sold cryptocurrencies to buy property. For millenials with an yearly income of less than 100,000 USD, only five percent reported using cryptocurrencies for real estate purchases.

This follows reports of UK millenials being more likely to purchase real estate with cryptocurrencies, among other news of real estate transactions with cryptocurrencies.

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