Enigma releases testnet 1.0

30 Jun, 2018
by Becky Tsoi
Enigma releases testnet 1.0

Enigma has announced the release of their testnet 1.0, which concludes Q2 for the project.

According to Enigma, the initial testnet is a self-contained network which allows external developers to build their secret contracts. Developers are able to deploy the secret contracts, and verify if they are executed as intended.

Developers are reminded to access the ‘world state’ and to execute secret contracts outside of the Docker network only. In testnet 1.0, key management is highly simplified to give developers full control over their local network. Protocol to secure the keys and economic incentives to be included in the future release are irrelevant in the current release.

Guidelines and testnet code are now available to run sample secret contract and to build the new ones. The script is available to check if the hardware is compatible. Support and assistance could be found on the Enigma developer forum or in the documentation.

Enigma noticed that the next release will include WASM implementation, contract-level sharding and changes to state management. Detailed explanation can be found in the official announcement.

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