New 2018 low for XRP as price falls below $0.50, and 9 out of 10 top coins see red

29 Jun, 2018
by Ryan McInally
New 2018 low for XRP as price falls below $0.50, and 9 out of 10 top coins see red

XRP or Ripple fell below $0.43 on Friday, which is a new low for 2018. XRP is the world’s third largest cryptocurrency and is currently trading for $0.436 (USD).

In the past 24 hours the coin has lost almost 5% of its value. Other top coins, based on market capacity aren’t faring any better. The only coin, based on market capacity out of the top 10 to see gains is Tether, which has seen a modest gain of 0.28% in 24 hours.

There has been some gains by Ethos, ranked 74th based on market capacity is currently trading for $1.44, up 6.87% in 24 hours. Monaco, ranked 87th based on market cap is up 5.79% and is currently selling for $5.87. Status, ranked 52nd is up 5.45% and is selling for $0.057. All other coins that are seeing green, which aren’t many have seen gains less than +2% in 24 hours.

Even though the top 10 coins are down, the heavy losses are from coins with a low market capacity, such as Cryptonex, ranked 71st based on market cap is down -21.22% and currently selling for $2.63. Another big loss is Bitcoin Diamond, ranked 39th has lost -14.10% of its value in 24 hours.

Bitcoin is currently selling for $5875.49 (USD). The price has failed to eclipse $6000, losing -2.87% in 24 hours.

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