Daniel Larimer of EOS discusses future of community as problems mount

29 Jun, 2018
by David Borman
Daniel Larimer of EOS discusses future of community as problems mount

Daniel Larimer, CTO of EOS under the company block.one, posted an article recently about how the EOS community can move forward after a series of issues led to the question of EOS amending its constitution. The article outlines the flaws that have arisen with the "Code-Is-Law" model and how the ideal government of EOS should look.

All of this comes amidst a currently unfolding drama about flaws in the constitution that allow for questionable behavior on the part of Block Providers. This is further evidenced by reports floating around on twitter.

As a response to all of this, block.one has taken over voting from BPs.

In Larimer's article, he discusses the importance of Ricardian contracts, which basically mix both hard line parameters such as code, with free form parameters, such as conditions for perjury. The EOS framework relies on such a system, but it hasn't been clear how to handle the free form conditions. Larimer explains how problems can arise when giving arbitrary power to the community as well as centralizing power to a chosen few.

As all of this unfolds, it isn't clear what the future of EOS will be. While many passionate people are behind the project, ongoing complications in the protocol may lead to loss of confidence. The coming weeks should be very telling.

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