EOS to amend its constitution

27 Jun, 2018
by David Robb
EOS to amend its constitution

EOS is intending to change its constitution, according to a chat from the network's official Telegram chat. This is due to happen just weeks after the mainnet was first launched.

Screenshots posted on Reddit show excerpts of a conversation that took place between EOS' Chief Technology Officer, Dan Larimer, and another member of the network. They were discussing making amendments to the constitution in order to limit the power of block producers (BPs), as well as the oversight responsibility of the EOS Core Arbitration Board.

These changes come in the wake of several controversies surrounding the EOS launch. The initial voting procedure for the 21 BPs took much longer than anticipated, and the network was criticized for not being fundamentally decentralized, relying too much on user consensus as opposed to software-based governance. A bug affected the network shortly after it went live, and some accounts recently had to be frozen, with a major loss of funds occurring due to one BP not responding in time to these censorship requests.

Despite these setbacks, and the plummeting price of EOS tokens, the blockchain was recently ranked first in technology and innovation by the Chinese government.

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