Andreessen Horowitz creates a $300 million crypto fund led by first female GP

25 Jun, 2018
by Ryan McInally
Andreessen Horowitz creates a $300 million crypto fund led by first female GP

Venture capitalist firm, Andressen Horowitz has named their first female general partner or GP Kathryn Haun to co-lead a new $300 million crypto fund. The fund will be called a16z crypto.

Andressen Horowitz was created nine years ago and Haun will serve as the firm's first female General Partner. This automatically situates Haun as one of the most powerful investors in tech right now. Haun has previously lectured at Stanford University on topics such as cryptocurrency and regulation. She is also a former federal prosecutor who was in charge of the investigations into the Mt. Gox exchange and agents accused of corruption on the SIlk Road task force.

Andressen Horowitz announced that the fund was created to invest in cryptocurrency companies, coins and protocols. The other partner involved in the fund is Chris Dixon, a long-time crypto-investor behind Coinbase and Polychain Capital. Dixon believes that a16z, “is doubling down, commiting to crypto and building a team that is focused on it.”

a16z have not made any crypto investments yet, but the plan according to the pair is to invest in “classic venture capital” during the beginning stages of crypto technologies. Dixon plans to focus their investment on widely used protocols as opposed to making bets or investing on “speculative” technology and businesses.

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