Music festival utilizes blockchain technology

22 Jun, 2018
by Salahuddin Uqaili
Music festival utilizes blockchain technology

An AFP report has stated that a music festival in San Francisco, called OUR Music Festival (OMF), plans to utilise blockchain technology for the purpose of addressing issues such as ticket scalping.

The festival will have a mobile app which can be used to buy tickets on a decentralised database made possible by blockchain technology. Fans will also be able to make purchases at the venue using cryptocurrency. They can earn tokens to use at the festival in a variety of ways, such as buying tickets early or referring friends who attend. Organisers hope the blockchain based system will curtail the workings of the black market where tickets are often resold.

Justin Blau, the DJ who came up with the workings of OMF, stated that: "The way ticketing works now, it is just sort of accepted by everyone and there are obvious problems from scalping to counterfeiting to fraud to insane fees.The reason why these systems haven't been changed is that up until now there really hasn't been a better way.You won't have Craigslist selling paper tickets to Coachella anymore once ticketing is on the blockchain."

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