Zcash community pays off developer to avoid a blockchain split

22 Jun, 2018
by Ryan McInally
Zcash community pays off developer to avoid a blockchain split

The sole developer of Zcash’s windows wallet software, D. Jane Mercer said he was going to stop development of the clients and release a Zcash competition if he did not receive funding for his work.

Mercer was previously living off developer fees and donations for his work on the clients, but in a forum post posted on Tuesday, Mercer said the money ran out and he has been working for pro-bono for some time. Mercse decided to threaten splitting the currency as a way to show his frustration and possibly receive funding from the community.

It worked out for Mercer who ended up receiving 80 ZEC, which is worth around $13,000. In a statement to CoinDesk, Mercer said that “People have thrown enough in the kitty for a few months living expenses, so that's all well and good."

The Overwinter upgrade for Zcash is set to release on June 25 and in that upgrade it only adds a limited number of features to Zcash’s protocol as it is preparing for the Sapling hard fork upgrade, which should make Zcash scaleable and more private. If Mercer halted development of the Windows wallet software, the most popular Zcash wallet software, tens to hundred of thousands of users would be left without a workable wallet after the Sapling upgrade.

This situation does raise the issue of how developers get funded especially as markets bleed red, leaving individuals with far less money. Zcash has been one of the hardest hit coins, which peaked at $876 in January to $162.46 at the time of writing this article.

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