"Bitcoin Baron" cripples an entire city's emergency services with a DDOS attack

20 Jun, 2018
by Will Heasman
Bitcoin Baron cripples an entire city's emergency services with a DDOS attack

The self-styled Hacktivist who refers to himself as the “Bitcoin Baron” has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for a denial of service (DDOS) attack against the city of Madison, Wisconsin.  

According to the department of justice, the man, known as Randell Charles Tucker (Bitcoin Baron to his friends) “crippled” the city’s internet-connected emergency communication system cuasing chaos  in the way of delays and outages, cutting all communication to 911 services.

This isn’t tuckers first offence, not even his second. The so called "Bitcoin Barron" has been on the FBI watch list for a while for a litany of cyber crimes including: attacking the website of a children's hospital as well as another DDOS attack on the video based news website News2Share.

He’s not been the most subtle when it comes to his exploits, choosing in the past to share his activities (and other ruminations) online:


Allegedly these previous DDos attacks were for a good cause; an operation on behalf of the hacking group anonymous known as “#OpDeathEater”; which saw hackers targeting paedophile networks. Sadly enough, and in a rather bizarre twist, Tucker used child pornography in the aforementioned attack against the children’s hospital website.

In addition to the 20-month sentence, Tucker is ordered to pay $61,331 in restitutions to the victims of his attacks.

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