Montana county delays temporary bitcoin mining ban

17 Jun, 2018
by Richard Allen
Montana county delays temporary bitcoin mining ban

A county in the US state of Montana has delayed the voting of a proposed one-year ban on bitcoin mining, citing their lack of understanding cryptocurrencies as the main reason, according to CCN.

"We all understand that we don’t understand,” said Jean Curtiss, commissioner of the Missoula County Commission. “We don’t know all the impacts in the future or the long game.”

Curtiss made the remarks after a two-hour hearing on June 14, where proponents and opponents had a chance to argue for and against the mining of the digital currency.

The Missoula County Commission was supposed to vote on the decision but has instead postponed the outcome to August. The commission has said it needs to review the details in order to make a well-informed decision.

Cryptocurrency mining has become particularly popular in the state, given that Montana has relatively low electricity costs and a cool climate, helping to prevent the equipment from overheating.

Currently there are two commercial-sized cryptocurrency mining plants located in Missoula County. Until recently, the Bonner Bitcoin data centre was the largest in the world.

The area’s residents have complained that the noise caused by cooling equipment is unacceptable.

“The noise is bad,” Joanne Weimer told the Missoulian. “Some people are going to have to move. Our property values are going down.”

Another resident claimed she doesn’t even open her windows in the summer anymore because the noise becomes too much.

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