IOST and Alibaba Cloud partnering up to compete with Amazon

15 Jun, 2018
by Becky Tsoi
IOST and Alibaba Cloud partnering up to compete with Amazon

IOSToken will be partnering with Alibaba Cloud (Japan) to showcase blockchain technology on cloud.

Blockchain technology brought by IOST could improve traditional IT construction industry effectively, with less time and cost. Decentralization could further prevent IT equipment failures from affecting the entire network.

Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which launched in April, will be a close competitor to IOST. AWS aims to allow developers to create blockchain projects with Ethereum’s and Linuz Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric. IOST’s blockchain technology will be available on cloud computing platform to serve the similar purpose of AWS.

The partnership between IOST and Alibaba Cloud (Japan) is a powerful technological enhancement, which will be promoted as a flexible and cost-effective option of BaaS (Blockchain as a Service). Targeting start-ups and multinational companies, BaaS will bring the revolutionary change to cloud service market in Japan with over 3.5 million cryptocurrency traders and holders.

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