EOS voting reaches 6.45% with slow response

13 Jun, 2018
by Ryan Boltman
EOS voting reaches 6.45% with slow response

The EOS community voting has begun this week with the required 15% votes needed to elect 21 block producers who will ultimately be the caretakers of the EOS blockchain once voting has concluded. 

However the slow response, confusion around how the voting system works and lack of interest from speculators who hold the coin, means up to date only about 6.45% of the community have submitted their votes. 

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Over 175 accounts have been voted for with the frontrunners currently EOS New York. Block producers will be responsible for creating blocks, govern the blockchain and will also be the voice of EOS. The block producers will be rewarded in EOS. Each year, EOS will have an inflation of 5%, and 0,25% of that belongs to the 21 block producers.

The EOS code was given to the community on June 1, and it took the block producers a full week to test the code and give the green light for the EOS blockchain to go live. Now that the 'go' has been given, EOS holders can vote for the 21 block producers.

With the lack of voting currently taking place, many are saying that the voting process is confusing and not clear. Twitter user @Anthony_emtman has included a thread of questions regarding the process as well as instructions on how to vote. 

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