Apple blocks mobile apps that are used to mine crypto

12 Jun, 2018
by Ryan McInally
Apple blocks mobile apps that are used to mine crypto

Technology giant Apple has updated its policy guidelines on cryptocurrencies to include policy on wallets, mining, exchanges, ICOs and rewards or tokens that could also constitute being a cryptocurrency.

The biggest update by far is apple’s policy that now prohibits users from using any Apple product to mine cryptocurrency. The main reason the company states for this decision is because it has a policy for app developers that tells them to design energy efficient applications that do not take excessive battery or cause devices to overheat.

This would not be Apple’s first attempt to create negative policy and procedure that is aimed directly at cryptocurrencies. In 2014, Apple removed an app by Blockchain that allowed users to trade and store Bitcoin on apple’s IOS devices. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase also had its Bitcoin wallet application de-listed on the apple store. However, as of now both these apps have since returned to apple’s online store which may indicate Apple’s disposition to back-track on policy.

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