Chepicap halts website operations - continues as a YouTube channel

23 Jul, 2019
by Jelmer van der Dussen
Chepicap halts website operations - continues as a YouTube channel

Chepicap will stop all activities on the website with immediate effect and continues as a YouTube channel focused on fast news, in-depth analyses and interviews on cryptocurrency.

The decision to halt operations is a direct result of Google’s algorithm update on June 3rd. In the days that followed, we’ve seen a 95% drop in organic traffic that we didn’t recover from ever since, despite extensive research and fulltime development by our SEO and technical team.

Chepicap started in May 2018 with a 24/7 newsdesk, an important requirement for us in a 24/7 space that is always on the move. We aimed for a much faster news flow, much more community-vibed, something that in our eyes was missing despite this being a 24/7, fast-paced market with so much knowledge within the community. We’ve created a workflow and newsflow that allowed us to be on top of the news every single moment of the day, enabling us to provide the biggest and most important news in cryptocurrency to our audience hours earlier than our competitors.

We realized beautiful growth in traffic, were read by the biggest players in the industry and quickly closed partnerships with influential parties such as Blockfolio and Tradingview. In combination with in-depth analyses, interviews and videos we’ve made it our life’s work the last 15 months to inform and educate our audience in every way. For us this was only the start, with a lot of exciting things ahead and the strong ambition to let Chepicap become the leading source in cryptocurrency for many years to come.

Unfortunately, as a completely new platform that has to build its audience, Google is a key factor in growth. Not only to show ourselves to the existing cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts, but also the reach the new wave of crypto investors that is currently entering the space and the many people that will be introduced to crypto in the coming years.

We are not the only victim of the Google algorithm update of June, with most if not all websites that are trying to establish themselves in the cryptocurrency and finance sector affected. As always, Google is reluctant to inform us what they have changed and what we need to do to turn this trend around. Based on our research we have our theories, and as a young, new website in a young and new space there is little to no chance we can take matters in our own hands again to establish the growth that we envision, without a major change coming from Google.

It could take months or years before Google favors us again, and the mystery that Google and its algorithm updates are make it impossible for us to make policy to properly grow a start-up. That’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that we can no longer support our 24/7 newsdesk, our core vision. It’s a sad reality and a very unhealthy situation that one party can become so powerful that it can kill a 12 writers strong platform backed by a strong publisher with whatever they put in their algorithm black box overnight.

We want to deeply thank the dedicated team of writers on 4 different continents and 9 different countries that has worked on Chepicap from the start and stayed with us all the way, the team in Amsterdam that has worked around the clock to develop this platform and of course the visitors that we’ve proudly served in the last 15 months. The reactions we've received from the community, from you guys, in the last 15 months were amazing and inspiring to our whole team and confirmed to us that what we did was a missing piece in the media landscape in crypto. Thank you so much for your support!

New start on YouTube
We still believe in the Chepicap vision, and that’s why we decided to fully focus on our YouTube channel. Our hosts Will Heasman and David Borman will provide you breaking news through livestreams, daily updates, technical analyses, in-depth explanations, interviews and much more. Stay tuned for an interview with Tone Vays next Wednesday.

We are incredibly sad to have to stop the Chepicap project in its current form, but we’re not done yet, and have a lot of exciting things coming up on YouTube, so please subscribe and support our channel.

Jelmer van der Dussen
Chief Editor Chepicap

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