Someone is trying to trademark "Samsung Coin" and it isn't Samsung

19 Jul, 2019
by Richard Allen
Someone is trying to trademark Samsung Coin and it isn't Samsung

It appears as if someone in South Korea is looking to capitalize on Samsung’s involvement with blockchain by trying to snag the “Samsung Coin” trademark out from under the electronics giant, filings with the Korean Intellectual Property Office show.

The application was submitted on July 10 by Kim Nam-jin to register the trademark in both English and Korean.

According to CoinDesk, the filings have been made under categories related to computer programs, like “downloadable electronic money computer program,” “electronic money card,” “electronic encryption device,” and “IC card with electronic money function.”

CounDesk reached out to Samsung and a representative confirmed that the electronics conglomerate had nothing to do with the application. “We don’t work this way,” they said.

Although the trademark application doesn’t specifically state whether it's related to blockchain or cryptocurrency, the news comes shortly after Chepicap reported that Samsung had unveiled the beta version of its Ethereum blockchain development kit, which may eventually power Samsung’s own cryptocurrency. Though if Kim Nam-jin snags the “Samsung Coin” trademark, the tech giant will need to come up with an alternative name.

Interestingly, the same individual has also tried trademarking cryptocurrencies related to other notable technology companies. According to the KIPO database, Kim Nam0jin filed an application on July 10 for the trademark “ThinQ Wallet,” but LG Electronics had filed trademark applications in both South Korea and the US for “ThinQ Wallet” on July 2.

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