Binance Chain successfully completes "Galileo" upgrade

15 Jul, 2019
by David Borman
Binance Chain successfully completes Galileo upgrade

Today Binance announced that the latest upgrade to the Binance Chain, labelled "Galileo," was completed successfully. New features now available include improved matching for takers and makers, and enhanced syncing abilities.

While the tweet gives a brief overview of some of the features, the blog post goes into deeper detail over what was upgraded:

"- Matching Engine Revision: As explained in BEP19, Taker and Maker concepts have been introduced in the matching logic. The new match logic will be more friendly to new users and reduce surprises.
- Delist Trading Pairs on Binance DEX: As explained in BEP6, if a token has a credit issue or one of its trading pairs has little trading volume for a long time, the community might consider dropping this trading pairs to improve the overall liquidity. Now, validators can create a delisting proposal and vote on delisting trading pairs via governance.
- Time Locking of Token Assets on Binance Chain: As explained in BEP9, some projects decide to lock certain amount tokens for pre-defined periods of time, with the vesting in the future according to a pre-determined schedule. For example, some projects may lock issued tokens as a commitment from the founding team; some other scenarios include locking tokens as collateral for value. Doc:
- State Sync Enhancement: As explained in BEP18, the existing state sync implementation is refactored to improve user experience. It aims to reduce syncing time. Also, the downloading of blocks can be resumed. Now, the user can specify the height from which they want to state-sync."

For those interested, a more complete breakdown of how these changes may affect users is available from Binance here.

The upgrades to the revision engine and state syncing should lead to a better user experience all around. Giving validators the ability to vote on the delisting of trading pairs also puts more control back into the community.

Overall it seems like some pretty solid changes coming to Binance Chain. Will these upgrades lead to a larger adoption of the Binance Chain? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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