Vitalik Buterin considers BCH & ETC for short-term data availability layer

15 Jul, 2019 | Updated: 15 Jul, 2019
by Fifi Arisandi
Vitalik Buterin considers BCH & ETC for short-term data availability layer

Vitalik Buterin recently posted his opinion on how to solve Ethereum’s non-scalable computation layer.

For the longer term as in over than a year, Ethereum 2.0 will definitely be the ultimate solution. However, for the shorter term, Buterin said that it existing blockchains with lower transaction fees per byte than Ethereum can be considered as the data layer.

The second largest crypto by market cap co-founder clearly mentioned that Bitcoin Cash “arguably fits the bill perfectly” for several reasons, they are:

- High data throughput (32 MB per 600 sec = 53333 bytes per sec, compared to ethereum ~8kb per sec which is already being used by applications).

- Very low fees (whereas BTC would be prohibitively expensive).

- We already have all the machinery we need to verify Bitcoin Cash blocks inside of ethereum thanks to We just need to repoint it to the BCH chain and turn it back on. Verifying BCH blocks is also quite cheap compared to eg. ETC blocks.

- The BCH community seems to be friendly to people using their chain for whatever they want as long as they pay the tx fees (eg.

That said, Buterin pointed out that BCH’s 10 minute block time is its main weakness, although there’s possibly a solution to this as well.

Moving on, he also mentioned Ethereum Classic as “another natural alternative”, although its scalability is lower than the first option and that it’s way harder to verify ETC’s proof of work.

The post received responses from the ETH community on, some of which are suggesting other possible solution options, such as STEEM and Litecoin.

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