Trump´s Bitcoin tweet might be "largest buy signal ever", says Circle CEO

13 Jul, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Trump´s Bitcoin tweet might be largest buy signal ever, says Circle CEO

The CEO of the Goldman Sachs-backed payments company appears to be reading a most optimistic outcome out of Trump´s latest tweet about crypto.

Jeremy Allaire, Circle´s CEO, was one of the many highlighted voices inside the crypto industry to reply to Trump´s attack on BTC, USD-shill included.

Under his view, increased attention over Bitcoin brought upon by Trump could have exactly the opposite effect of what the U.S. president seemed to intend by his message on Twitter. The also co-founder of Circle had a further comment to share with Trump, this time with regards to the advances made in the stablecoins field:

As mentioned before, Allaire was not the only member of the crypto industry to weight in, with plenty of well-known personalities and firms stepping up and trying to make their arguments visible. Winklevoss-led Gemini exchange and Kraken´s CEO Jesse Powell were just two of them:

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