Alt season might not be here, but it is for Egretia (EGT), up 13,000%

13 Jul, 2019
Alt season might not be here, but it is for Egretia (EGT), up 13,000%

While alt season continues to evade the crypto market, an obscure alt coin is seeing an alt season of it's own.

While alt season has set to happen as Bitcoin continues to remain volatile, Egretia (EGT) has seen over a whopping 13,000% in price increase since mid April. 

Egretia, which is currently trading on OKeX and Huobi Global, has seen a massive surge in price over the past few months. The coin has silently increased in value over the weeks while flying under the radar.

Egretia which is now ranked in the top 30, claims to be an End-to-cloud One-stop Workflow, bringing 200,000 developers and 1 billion mobile terminals into the blockchain world.

The project currently has over $84 million in trading volume and a market cap of $377 million. The project is perhaps less known because it is not listed on Binance, however if that changes, it could see more parabolic momentum.

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