Weiss Ratings gives Bitcoin a solid 'A', finally!

10 Jul, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Weiss Ratings gives Bitcoin a solid 'A', finally!

Weiss Ratings, the prominent rating agency, has upgraded Bitcoin's overall rating from a decent B to a solid A, making it the most technologically advanced of all the cryptocurrencies.

The independent rating giant, announced today that Bitcoin’s overall Weiss Crypto Rating is 'A', which makes BTC the most technologically and economically advanced cryptocurrency out there.

The world's number one crypto coin currently holds the top spot with an A– grade, which is BTC’s highest score ever received in the Weiss Rankings.

Only a month ago, Bitcoin moved from a B- to a B, after having received a 'C+' rating in January 2018.

At the time Weiss Raytings said that since early 2019, leading cryptocurrencies have experienced a unique convergence of three factors, being a vastly improved adoption, a significant evolution of technology with upgrades in Bitcoin, and last but not least, bargain-basement prices.

'In short, we heralded the beginning of a new bull market, supported by the best combination of fundamentals and value in many years.'

Weiss went on to recommend to buy the dips.

'Wait for a substantial price correction. Then buy with funds you can afford to risk.'

Martin D. Weiss, founder of Weiss Ratings, said in a letter shared with ForkLog, that BTC has come a long way from the C+ they gave it in January of 2018.

'Back then, our ratings model told us that the risk of investing in Bitcoin was off the charts … that its technology was outdated … and that its network was clogged.'

'After touching bottom in December, Bitcoin quadrupled in value in less than 190 days. And today, the reward it delivers investors outweighs the risks. Its technology has been upgraded. Its network is back to normal.'

The company upgraded Bitcoin to a 'buy' months ago, and now they rate Bitcoin as a 'strong buy.'

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