Vitalik´s attempt at pumping the market gets mixed results

09 Jul, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Vitalik´s attempt at pumping the market gets mixed results

Normally characterized by dense on-topic interventions into different crypto debates, Ethereum´s founder Vitalik Buterin sure does likes to take a crack at kidding the community and the markets once in a while.

Following a lengthy explanation of criticism towards quadratic voting implementation among participants of the Ethereum network, reactions from crypto Twitter did not showed a high level of engagement with the 14-tweet long thread which touched seemingly complex mathematical and cryptographic topics.

In response, Vitalik tweeted a most convincing bullish reading of the ubiquitous return of giveway scammers, as others have done before him since the rising crypto prices appear to have made this type of fraud a profitable investment once again, echoing the landscape of prior bull runs.

Besides more of this giveaway scammers, the responses to Vitalik´s attempt at pumping up crypto markets ranged from references to other practices commonly followed by certain perpetual announcement CEO´s, to warning evoking Elon Musk´s mishap with regards to his Twitter rants and regulatory action, to straight up evidence that the pump was having some kind of effect:

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