Ex-Deutsche Bank employee moved to crypto last year, move pays off

09 Jul, 2019
by Ryan Boltman
Ex-Deutsche Bank employee moved to crypto last year, move pays off

German multinational investment bank and financial services company, Deutsche Bank, which operates in 58 countries will be slashing jobs and one banker made the move to crypto before the bank decided to cut 18,000 jobs

Ex-Deutsche Bank employee Medio Demarco recently tweeted about his move into crypto following the major news that Deutsche Bank will be removing 18,000 employees from their jobs in a massive reorganisation to save costs. 

Demarco, who shared the news on Twitter, commented on the story, saying "When I left Deutsche Bank last year I’m sure many of my co-workers thought I was taking too big of a risk going into crypto. I thought they were taking the greater risk by staying."

It appears that Demarco made the move to crypto in one of the longest bear markets in history, with Bitcoin and altcoins plunging to yearly lows for 12 months in 2018. Demarco took the plunge and left his comfortable banker job to pursue his own path within the cryptocurrency industry.

One year later, the massive gamble has paid off handsomely for Demarco, who can now look back at his ex-colleagues who are sweating the future of their jobs while the Co-founder of Delphi Digital, an independent research boutique providing institutional-grade analysis on the digital asset market can continue to push adoption and growth within the space.

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