Tron in trouble: Chinese police raid offices after TRX ponzi scheme exits

08 Jul, 2019
Tron in trouble: Chinese police raid offices after TRX ponzi scheme exits

Tron and Tron CEO Justin Sun appear to be in hot water following the recent collapse of a ponzi scheme that now has investor baying for the Tron leaders blood

A video has surfaced this morning of Police raiding a TRON office said to be in China. Yahoo Finance and Chinese website Nuclear Finance both report that investors in a recently shut down ponzi scheme, are looking for answers from Tron CEO Justin Sun.

The report states that Wave Field Super Community shut up shop abruptly, leaving approximately $30 million in funds lost by victims. It is also said that the number of victims in the ponzi scheme are well into the thousands. Nuclear Finance also state that the exit scam has also lead to one suicide.

Tron and Justin Sun are under pressure by investors due to the fact that Sun did not openly disassociate Tron or his partner project BitTorrent from being involved in the project. The Wave Field Super Community had claimed to be a Super Representative, making it one of 27 nodes that has special status on the Tron platform. 

Sun had issued a warning on social media that investors should avoid ponzi-like schemes that use the TRON name. However, this came out one day after the closure of the Wave Field Super Community.

Sun was yet to comment on the news, and the price of TRON appeared to be undeterred

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