Analysts believe XRP is getting ready to surge

08 Jul, 2019
by Joeri Cant
Analysts believe XRP is getting ready to surge

Although the second most popular altcoin, XRP, has been underperforming in price, analysts believe XRP is getting ready to surge thanks to its strong fundamentals.

A popular cryptocurrency analyst, going by the Twitter handle, The Cryptomist, stated in a recent tweet, that she expects for XRP to begin an upwards movement in the nearby future.

'That long-term resistance from 2018 will be tested soon again imo', she tweeted. 'Break this resistance and, I expect to see a run', she further explained while referencing the below chart.

XRP has been showing a continues sideways trading trend around the $0.40 price mark, after an extended period of sideways trading around the $0.30 price level.

It appears that XRP is once again forming a pattern of consolidation around the current price level of $0.40 which could persist until the number one crypto coin decides to start leaping forward again to new 2019 highs.

In the midst of the Libra and Facebook hype, it will be of high importance that Ripple's XRP enthusiasts remain confident that Ripple can survive through Libra's disruption and even thrive in its position as a cheaper alternative for the unbanked.

Most likely, XRP's strong fundamentals will be the reason for the predicted, imminent surge in price.

As one XRP traders stated in a recent tweet: XRP always runs last and always runs the hardest!

Despite XRP's sluggish performance this year, The Cryptomist remains convinced that the target of $1 per XRP is still highly attainable.

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