Waltonchain up 42% after announcing extra 6 month lock of team coins

06 Jul, 2019
Waltonchain up 42% after announcing extra 6 month lock of team coins

Waltonchain (WTC) was the pick of the alt coins on Saturday morning following a massive price surge

The price surge was related to the Waltonchain team announcing an additional 6 months lock-up period for the teams WTC. WTC saw a 42.5% surge in price following the announcement. 

The team announcement regarding the lock0up of their tokens, was announced on social media and received praise from WTC supporters as the team announced that 

The Waltonchain team stated "The original lockup period for the team’s tokens was until 00:00 on July 18 2019, however in a rare move within the blockchain/cryptocurrency space and as a show of confidence in the Waltonchain project, the core team has decided to extend the lockup period by an additional 6 months to January 2020. In addition, once the team tokens are unlocked the monthly released amount will not exceed 10% of the total lockup amount — and pending further review closer to the time, the team even may decide to extend the lockup period again"

Waltonchain is said to be one of the strongest projects of 2019 and it appears its supporters continue to believe that, with the recent announcement proving extremely bullish for WTC.

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