Bittrex announces more pending market removals from exchange

06 Jul, 2019
Bittrex announces more pending market removals from exchange

Once the most popular crypto exchange in the world, Bittrex has since fallen into obscurity as it continues to delist projects from their exchange.

Bittrex, which was once the most popular cryptocurrency exchange leading up to the 2017/2018 bull run. Bittrex took over from Poloniex as the biggest exchange in the industry following a lack of customer support when Poloniex could not handle the influx of users. However, Bittrex did not remain the top exchange for long as Binance took pole position and continues to maintain the top spot. 

The delisting announcement comes one day after Binance decided to list the obscure alt coin, DogeCoin. 

Bittrex will be delisting BITB, BSD, CLOAK, DYN, GRC, KORE, SEQ, SYNX, and TX.

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