Craig Wright allegedly submits falsified documents in Kleiman case

04 Jul, 2019 | Updated: 04 Jul, 2019
by Richard Allen
Craig Wright allegedly submits falsified documents in Kleiman case

Australian computer scientist and self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright has allegedly provided falsified court documents to prove a trust deed with his plaintiffs, according to documents revealed by lawyer Stephen Palley on Twitter.

Among the exhibits presented during the hearing on Wednesday, July 3, was a document submitted as proof of cooperation between Craig Wright and his late business partner, David Kleiman. The document is dated October 2012.

However, when looking at the metadata of the document, it reveals a 2015 copyright related to Calibri, a type font used in Microsoft Word, suggesting that the document could not have been created in 2012.

Following the claim that Craig Wright may have forged the court documents, Palley wrote:

“I mean it makes sense that the inventor of Bitcoin can time travel. Your honor.”

Additionally, the counsel for the plaintiff presented two versions of the same document – one dating back to 2011 while the other from 2014. Purported to be a message from Kleiman to Wright, an authentic 2011 version would serve as evidence of cooperation between the two. If the original is from 2014, then it’s only more evidence of Wright’s attempt to mislead the public.

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