Binance Chain mainnet scheduled for hardfork upgrade at block 20,300,000

04 Jul, 2019
by Richard Allen
Binance Chain mainnet scheduled for hardfork upgrade at block 20,300,000

According to a recent update published by Binance, the Binance Chain mainnet upgrade is scheduled to take place at block height 20,300,000. At its current speed, this is expected to happen on July 25.

Dubbed Galileo, the upgrade will bring several new features to Binance DEX including allowing node validators to create a trading pair delisting proposal and vote on the delisting via governance. Essentially the same procedure as when listing new trading pairs.

Additionally, Galileo will include a time-locking feature. Projects will have the option of locking a certain amount of tokens in place for pre-defined periods of time so they can be vested in the future.

The upcoming hardfork will also include a state sync enhancement. The state sync implementation is an enhancement of the existing implementation and is expected to improve user experience by reducing syncing time. The user will now also be able to specify the height from which they want to state-sync.

Finally, the update will also feature a revision of the matching engine. Now, taker and maker concepts have been included in the matching logic which itself will be friendlier to new users.

A new feature coming to the Binance Chain client is the introduction of offline transactions. Users will have the option of generating and signing their transactions on an offline machine, then use another machine to broadcast it to the network.

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