McAfee offers his crypto consultation services to Cuba

04 Jul, 2019 | Updated: 04 Jul, 2019
by David Robb
McAfee offers his crypto consultation services to Cuba

Crypto enthusiast and U.S. presidential candiate John McAfee has offered up his services to the government of Cuba. He wants to help them with their plans to use crypto in order to improve the country's economic situation.

The cyber-security legend tweeted an image from an article, which claims that Cuban authorities are currently consulting with academics about the potential for crypto to be used in the country's "national and international commercial transactions".

McAfee claims that the country will be able to use crypto to get around the "economic strangulation" imposed by decades of U.S. sanctions, and believes this is an important "real world application". This particular application has also been one of the key reasons why so many regulators are opposed to crypto, as they believe it will allow rogue states like North Korea and Iran to circumvent international law. 

Interestingly, this expression of support for Cuba was opposed by many of McAfee's followers. Not everyone in the libertarian faction of the crypto community, of which McAfee is one of the most pre-eminent members, believes that helping out a socialist regime squares with his professed politics.

McAfee shot back at criticism, insisting that millions of Cuban people are in poverty due to U.S. policies, and that he wants to do all he can to end this situation. So, could it be that these libertarians are not actually as invested in people's economic freedom as they claim to be, and are in fact just nationalist reactionaries who don't like paying tax? Or is the maverick Bitcoin bull wrong to help out a government with authoritarian tendencies?

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