Check out these hot price predictions from... 4Chan?

03 Jul, 2019
by David Borman
Check out these hot price predictions from... 4Chan?

When traders are looking for sources of good price predictions, most wouldn't think to turn to the anonymous users on infamous image board 4chan. However, as Trustnodes is reporting, a post from six months ago has been extremely accurate so far. If the predictions pan out, in a year Bitcoin should be around $56,000.

The post was dated on January 21st of 2019 and opens by accurately calling the bottom of the market cycle as having happened on December 15th of 2018. True, this was a month and a half later, so not so impressive, but there were a lot more predictions too:

The first real "prediction" of a $5,300 price point in April was basically spot on, as that is the month we first hit that level for the year. As for $9,200 in July, the current price is obviously a little higher but we did just yesterday touch on $9,600 and the month is also quite young.

After this we are in uncharted territory. Unfortunately, the poster gave no evidence or methodology for these predictions other than "The charts never lie," but if true, we should expect a price around $16,000 come October, $29,000 by February, $56,000 by this time next year and $87,000 near the end of 2020.

These predictions don't seem to allow for any major or extended consolidations, though are set far enough apart that a lot could happen in between them. Overall, this user expects a bull market well through the end of next year.

Obviously taking investment advice from an anonymous user on 4chan is silly at best, but it will be interesting to see if these projections remain accurate. Like the anon said, "Screen cap this."

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