Bitcoin's Liquid sidechain now supports Lightning Network payments

03 Jul, 2019
by Richard Allen
Bitcoin's Liquid sidechain now supports Lightning Network payments

According to a recent tutorial posted on Medium by Blockstream developer grubles, Lightning Network users are now able to create Bitcoin Lightning payment channels using c-lightning.

This is quite a significant development as now Liquid users can make Liquid-BTC (L-BTC) transactions instantly and privately. Additionally, support for swapping on-chain BTC for L-BTC in a payment channel is also being developed. Furthermore, plans to enhance the feature to cover other assets on the sidechain like tokenized stocks and fiat tokens are in the works.

The tutorial states that using c-lightning on Liquid is essentially the same as using it on the Bitcoin mainnet. Blockstream CEO Adam Back shared the importance of this development on Twitter:

As Bitcoinist reports, c-lighting is one of two other Lightning Network Implementations, with the others being Eclair and Ind. Blockstream is handling the development of c-lightning and has introduced features like a full-spectrum wallet as well as the ability to connect nodes running on the TOR network.

Data from Lightning Network tracking platform has revealed that the network capacity peaked at around $11 million. at the time of writing, however, it's dipped 7% to $10.7 million.

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