Winners for the day: Tezos up 26%, Waltonchain up 25%

03 Jul, 2019
by Manshi Soneji Mamtora
Price Analysis
Winners for the day: Tezos up 26%, Waltonchain up 25%

Tezos and Waltonchain have increased by 26% and 25% respectively in a day's time. Some news pieces related to each of the coins look like a potential reason for this upscale.

Winners of the day

Tezos price has scaled a whopping 26% over the last 24 hours trading at $1.1. The ROI for Tezos stands at 138%.

While we have Waltonchain as the runner up increasing 24.5% trading at $1.97. The ROI on it is approximately 86%. The figures correspond to the time of writing. 

XTZUSDT Chart provided by Tradingview

Tezos news bit

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth that had a record-breaking ICO raising $232 million in a mere two weeks. What added to the spur in the price for the day is likely the fact that Elevated Returns has filed an application for digital exchange license with the Thai Securities Commission.

Elevated Returns is a financial group focused on digitizing traditional financial assets that has selected Tezos as the blockchain. This piece of news added to the market optimism and likely pushed the token price higher for the day.

WTCUSDT Chart provided by Tradingview

Waltonchain news bit

Looking at Waltonchain part here, its Korea head, Mr. Kim Sun Kyung announced a cooperation agreement with Smart C&I, a Smart City project from South Korea. The partners will promote Smart City programs in China and Southeast Asia. 

Smart C&I provides payment and settlement solutions for internal transactions in smart city parks and crop settlement using cards at smart farms. This partnership may have hit investor sentiment alongside the upward swing for the day in crypto markets.

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