Roger Ver says Bitcoin maximalists are the left-wing extremists of crypto

02 Jul, 2019
by Richard Allen
Roger Ver says Bitcoin maximalists are the left-wing extremists of crypto

In a recent five minute blog, Bitcoin Cash's Roger Ver has compared Bitcoin maximalists to violent left-wing extremists, arguing that the two groups share similar philosophies and tactics.

Ver begins by stating a group of anti-fascist, or “Antifa” demonstrators assaulted a journalist in Portland, Oregon recently. Ver then discusses the “punch a Nazi” meme and whether or not its okay to punch someone for their beliefs. It’s here where Ver states that the violent approach taken by the Antifa protestors is seen among “the vast majority of the people that managed to hijack the BTC project.”

Being a “very very staunch supporter of free speech,” Ver has said for years now that the moderators of the Bitcoin subreddit censor opposing views. Ver had spent a good chunk of his life supporting Bitcoin and felt as if his ideas were being moderated on discussion forums, leading to the frustration he still expresses today.

Ver’s comparison of Bitcoin maximalists and the Antifa demonstrators stems from his belief that Bitcoin Core supporters bully those with opposing opinions. To this end, Ver shows a website that’s been created for the sole purpose of punching Roger Ver in the face. Ver jokes that if anyone tries punching him he’ll “choke you into unconsciousness.”

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