Bitcoin makes a cameo in HBO´s latest show Euphoria

02 Jul, 2019 | Updated: 02 Jul, 2019
by Alberto Arnaldo
Bitcoin makes a cameo in HBO´s latest show Euphoria

The third episode of HBO´s show Euphoria saw the irruption of Bitcoin into the narrative of the series, with a promotion of its use as a means to settle transactions and purchase services.

Loosely based on an Israeli series with the same name, Euphoria peeks into the habits of several Generation Z 17-years-olds. Although thankfully Bitcoin does not appears in direct relation to drugs this time, it is connected to another of the recursive topics which have been picked up the most by traditional media, such as online sex services.

One of protagonists of the show decides to engage into erotic cam modelling, and finds out how much of a reliable, safe and efficient method of payment Bitcoin is for her services. Only one drawback from using crypto is shown in the episode, and it does not derives at all from Bitcoin itself: the cam worker must pay a 20% banking fee to the dealer she resorts to for cashing out her BTC into dollars.

The show, created by Sam Levinson, is currently on its first season and the first episode was aired on the 16th of June. Audience data from preceding emissions points out towards half a million viewers in the U.S., reaching later a much larger audience through online streamings.

Mostly well received by the critics, it is focused on a group of high school students and sets a fresh perspective on traditional teenage topics such as drugs, sex, social media, friendship, love, identity and trauma.

On Bitcoin´s subreddit, plenty of commenters are debating the latest appearance of Bitcoin in mass US fiction media, with some very interesting opinions about the several angles that the narrative proposed by Euphoria suggests:



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