Cleveland blockchain hub not to be built, changed to entrepreneurial center

02 Jul, 2019
by Colin Hawkins
Cleveland blockchain hub not to be built, changed to entrepreneurial center

The struggling Tower City shopping mall in Ohio, which was once reportedly set to be a blockchain hub, is now expected to become an entrepreneurial center, according to a report by

In the original report, the struggling shopping center was set to be receiving a remodel to become a Cleveland based blockchain center. However, these plans have been updated, outlined by Blockchain Cleveland member Bernie Moreno:

"I started with a mindset that this could be a blockchain hub, and as we got more and more people engaged in the community and heard feedback, we adapted the mission to be much more focused on, what does the community really want?.... It was loud and clear that what they really wanted was a center for entrepreneurship that’s much broader than just tech and a lot broader than just blockchain tech.”

The blockchain concept is not going to be completely absent from the new remodel. For example, the entrepreneurial center is going to be dubbed the “City Block.” Moreno spoke on the decision stick to an entrepreneurial center but still retain some blockchain features:

“It’s not what we’re going to be leading with, it’s going to be just something we use to attract people to Cleveland for conferences and things like that.”

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