Listen: 'All-Time Lows' by Lil Bubble sums up altcoin trading

02 Jul, 2019
by David Robb
Listen: 'All-Time Lows' by Lil Bubble sums up altcoin trading

The same crypto enthusiast/musician who brought us When Moon has released a new song that nails the current zeitgeist. Lil Bubble's All-Time Lows is a clever parody of Old Town Road, written about the plight of altcoin traders.

Although Bitcoin has been soaring to impressive heights over the last couple of months, other cryptos haven't quite gained the same momentum. Although many are predicting that a new alt-season could be around the corner, it is a frustrating time for those with bags of altcoins. 

With lyrics such as "FOMO buy the pump, Panic sell the dump", Lil Bubble hits traders with some powerful truths, while dressed as a spaceman carrying an acoustic guitar and a garbage bag (presumably representing the 'bags' of alts that traders are hodling in anticipation of big gains sometime soon). The video has 15,000 views on YouTube, has been shared over 2,000 times on Twitter with over 6,600 likes. 

This new track has proved even more popular than Lil Bubble's previous smash, When Moon. This was another crypto-themed tune, based on Gary Jules' popular cover of the Tears for Fears classic, Mad World.

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